Piriou Designs New Cable Layer

November 27, 2020

Credit: Piriou

Credit: Piriou

French shipbuilder and marine engineering firm Piriou has designed a new cable layer vessel, to be used to lay and repair both fiber-optical and energy cables. 

“This vessel will be able to lay cables on wind farms as well as repair a damaged cable on the continental shelf or deep sea,” Piriou said.

The 100 meters long vessel has been designed and developed by the Piriou Ingenierie teams in ConcarneauFrance

According to Piriou, the optimized hull will allow the cable layer vessel to burn less than 10t of fuel per day in transit at 12.5 kn and is already compliant with the IMO III regulation.

Equipped with two storage tanks, the vessel will be able to handle 1000 tonnes cables – energy or optical-fiber- and one of its tanks will be fitted with a carousel to deploy the energy cables.

 Views of officer cabin and lounge / Credit: Piriou

Credit: Piriou