Petronim Projects: Is your company ready for the Hydrogen Revolution?

Petronim Projects - Is your company ready for the Hydrogen Revolution

There is a big push globally to create cleaner energy with less CO2 emissions and lower carbon intensity. Blue Hydrogen is created by removing the hydrogen molecules from methane leaving behind C02 which can be safely sequestered, preventing emissions from burning natural gas. This Hydrogen can be stored in Salt Caverns until it is needed.

Green Hydrogen is created by electrolysis of water with Hydrogen and Oxygen as the products. Many green energy solutions like wind and solar require methods of storing energy for later use, and Green Hydrogen is great candidate for that.

Salt Caverns are a unique and modern method of storing energy. Salt Caverns have been used for compressed air energy storage where during times of inexpensive power, energy is stored in the form of compressed air. A new novel solution for large scale energy storage is to create hydrogen and store hydrogen within salt caverns to create a large reusable battery without the issues of or waste created from lithium ion batteries.

Petronim Projects is Canada’s Cavern Storage leader with world class engineers specializing in safe energy storage to serve our global clients.

We have created caverns in both thin bedded salts and thick domal salts. We have economic solutions for all energy storage applications.

If you would like to join the Energy Revolution in Hydrogen let Petronim Projects show you how to convert your Salt resources into Gold!

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Neil Cameron P.Eng, M.B.A.



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