New Addition to U.S. Supreme Court Very Likely to Block Climate Legislation

Amy Barrett, Trump’s pick to replace Justice Ginsburghas implied that she opposes the landmark 2007 decision Massachusetts vs. Environmental Protection Agency, which gave the federal government the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.  What does this, plus the fact that she’s a climate denier, mean for the U.S. government’s power to help protect the planet from climate change?

One can’t see into the future, but this sure does appear to be a disaster.  We have just over 4% of the world’s population, but we account for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions, and we hold a huge percentage of the R&D facilities aimed at things like renewable energy and other elements of cleantech.

For us to back out of the climate change mitigation arena would represent a planetary disaster–and it looks like there is one in the making, right here in the senate confirmation hearings.