My Top 5 Features in v2 of Unconventionals Analyst for ArcGIS Pro

As we have just released version 2.0 of Unconventionals Analyst for ArcGIS Pro, I’d like to highlight some of my favourite new features so you can check them out when you install the latest software…


1. Create Pads for Well Sticks tool

Have you modeled a set of wells and you’d now like to see how well pads could fit into that pattern? No problem! We’ve created the Create Pads for Well Sticks tool that will retrofit pads to an existing set of wells. This tool works great as a next step on from the enhanced Create Well Sticks tool (more info on this below), allowing you to plan a more customized, well-centric, development strategy.



2. Create Reserve Halos tool

The return of an old favourite! Our Create Reserve Halos tool makes its much-awaited return. Similar to the functionality of the ArcMap tool, this tool calculates accurate deterministic reserve areas based on a reserve classification hierarchy, well status and set of leases. A user-friendly enhancement to the tool allows you to interactively edit reserve classification halos or create new ones. How many acres of PUD reserves do I have around those new wells? The Create Reserve Halos tool can tell you in just a few seconds!



3. Estimate Reserves tool

Want to estimate production for the undrilled wells in your development? Use the new Estimate Reserves tool to run the Monte Carlo simulation workflow as recommended by SPEE’s Monograph 3 ‘Determining Proved Areas of a Resource Play’ workflow (chapter 4)



4. Enhanced Create Well Sticks tool

We’ve upgraded our Create Well Sticks tool to do even more for you, helping you gain huge efficiencies while maximising the coverage over your leases! Some of the new enhancements are:

    • Three spatial methods for fitting well sticks to help you solve for different operational scenarios.
    • More control over the well pattern and fill.
    • Ability to create wells at obliques angles to the pad trend, or fairway.



5. New web-based licensing

We have upgraded the licensing on all our ArcGIS Pro software add-ins to use modern, user-friendly web-based licensing. Now all you need is a License Code and an internet connection. No more setting up license servers on your network, which should save some effort for your IT administrators. Also, this change has enabled us to add a display field within the Add-in itself showing when your Unconventionals Analyst license is going to expire:



We do hope you enjoy the new version – please let us know how you get on and keep your enhancement requests coming!


Posted by Rich Webb, Product Specialist, Exprodat