MMTed Q&A – Episode 8

Here is Episode 7 in our weekly MMTed Q&A series. In this episode, my special guest was Warren Mosler. We talked about the difference between issuing bonds and overt monetary financing, and issues related to those concepts and practices. And when your done with that you can enjoy some great Latin Jazz from the Monterey Peninsular – from 1959 (a good vintage).

MMTed Q&A – Episode 8

This is Episode 8 in the MMTed Q&A series.

This week, my special guest was Warren Mosler, one of the founders of MMT.

We talked about the difference between issuing bonds and overt monetary financing, and issues related to those concepts and practices.

The video goes for 6.55 minutes.

Note the discussion is mostly via Zoom, which means at time the audio and video quality is less than first-class. But we are learning to live with that constraint.

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Today … Cal Tjader and Mongo Santamaria and others

Last week, I offered a track from US vibes player Cal Tjader. As I flicked through the albums, I found another Cal Tjader release from 1959, his so-called – Concert by the Sea – which documented a concert he gave with 5 other players at Carmel-by-the-Sea on April 20, 1959.

It is one of the best albums I have ever owned although I have not listened to it for a while. Better fix that I thought.

But as it was a laid-back feel last week, I took a track from his 1969 album – Cal Tjader Sounds Out Burt Bacharach – on Skye Records. That suited my mood last week.

This week, we go back to 1959 and as musicians were gathering for the second Monterey Jazz Festival, Cal Tjader and some of the great players offered a preview concert, which was recorded and released by Fantasy Records.

The album title channelled the first – Concert by the Sea – release from 1955 by Errol Garner (another of my favourites although the audio is poor), which was a prelude to what became known as the Monterey Jazz Festival.

The 1955 concert was rather impromptu as I understand and was not meant to be recorded. The audio was an early bootleg affair with a reel-to-reel tape recorder planted backstage by a Jazz afficionado. The mix is shocking but the feel is there.

By 1959, things had become a bit more organised and the sound from Cal Tjader’s concert is excellent.

Featured on the album are some of the best players of the era:

The standout player in my view is – Mongo Santamaria – who was born in Cuba and headed up some of the great Latin bands as a conga drummer.

His music drove the boogoloo dance era in the 1960s.

I played in a band in the 1970s where the percussion player was obsessed with Mongo Santamaria. I listened to a lot of his playing around then as he was moving into Latin jazz.

This is track two from the 1959 Volume 1 – Afro Blue – written by Mongo Santamaria. It was the first recorded performance of this instrumental, which was later recorded by John Coltrane in 1963 (the better known but rhythmically-altered version).

I prefer Mongo’s version which features that traditional African 3:2 drumming pattern and the distinctive, repeating bass pattern (six beats per bar).

That is enough for today!

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