Malaysia’s Handal Nets Offshore Crane Maintenance Work with Carigali Hess

OE Staff

October 13, 2020

Illustration - Credit: xmentoys - AdobeStock

Illustration – Credit: xmentoys – AdobeStock

Malaysian offshore services firm Handal Energy has won a contract with Carigali Hess Operating Company to provide crane maintenance services.

Handal said Tuesday that the contract had been awarded to its subsidiary Handal Cranes.

Under the contract, which has already started, Handal Cranes will be responsible for the provision of pedestal crane inspection and maintenance services.

The contract is for three years, with Carigali Hess Operating Company having an additional 2 years extension option.

Carigali Hess is responsible for gas production in Block A-18 of the Joint Development Area administered by the Malaysian-Thailand Joint Authority (MTJA).  The block is located approximately 150km NE of Kota Bahru in approximately 60m of water.