Links 9/15/2020

How the Warsaw Ghetto beat back typhus during World War II Ars Technica

159 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, And Garage Sales (More New Pics) Bored Panda

Football Mad From the days I first started reading Amis fils – 1981 –  when he was just read as a a writer and not as a great man of letters. But boy, could the dude write!

Ending The War Against The Climate Movement Too Much Information. David Sirota.

Toronto International Film Festival 2020: When Icons Look Into The Mirror The Wire

Lukashenko seeks Putin’s help in attempt to survive mass protests Al Jazeera

How Algorithms Are Changing What We Read Online The Walrus

AI ethics groups are repeating one of society’s classic mistakes MIT  Technology Review

Do We Have Victorians to Thank for Consumerism? Literary Hub

Hate the Sin, Not the Book The Atlantic


Hurricane Alley

Hurricane Sally Has Rapidly Intensified and Additional Strengthening Is Possible as It Crawls Toward the Gulf Coast Weather Underground


Bill Gates slams ‘shocking’ U.S. response to Covid-19 pandemic Stat

Hong Kong poised for human trials of nasal spray vaccine Asia Times

Coronavirus: vaccine scandals haunt China’s winter flu shot drive SCMP

Covid-19: Won’t be enough vaccines for whole world for 4 to 5 years, says Serum Institute chief Scroll

Don’t Let the Pandemic End a 100-Year-Old Soccer Legacy NYT

How the Aging Immune System Makes Older People Vulnerable to Covid-19 NYT

Covid-19 Test Maker Examines False-Positive Results in Nursing Homes WSJ

New York City’s Day of Reckoning Is at Hand Bloomberg

No, The Russians Aren’t About To Win The Coronavirus Vaccine Race American Conservative. I quibble with the assumption that it’s only the Russians who are cutting corners with vaccine development – if they in fact, indeed are.

Americans are raiding retirement savings during coronavirus pandemic CNBC

West Coast Wildfires

As dangers rise, many fear their California Dream is fading San Francisco Chronicle

Jerry Brown on a California Exodus: ‘Tell Me: Where Are You Going to Go?’ New York Times

US West Coast fires: Trump fans flames of climate row in California BBC

Sanders Says Climate Disaster Is Much More Expensive Than a Green New Deal TruthOut

Two major Antarctic glaciers are tearing loose from their restraints, scientists say Wapo


Johnson Intended to Break the Withdrawal Agreement Even Before He Signed It Craig Murray

Boris Johnson suffers rebellion over contentious Brexit bill FT

Julian Assange

WATCH: CN Live! Daily Video Report on the Assange Hearing–Day 5 Consortium News


The Race For an Obscure Texas Office Could Have a Lasting Impact on Climate Change Capital & Main

States plow forward with pot, with or without Congress Politico

Crowd aims ‘lock him up’ chant at Obama during Trump rally The Hill

Let’s Fret the Night Together NYT

Biden, Trump jockey over climate as wildfires overtake campaigns Al Jazeera

Scrutiny of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy intensifies Yahoo

Class Warfare

The Literary Scene in the Great Depression (and Today) Counterpunch

The Big Corporate Rescue and the America That’s Too Small to Save ProPublica

Eviction filings by big landlords surged after Trump issued ban Los Angeles Daily News

Welcome, Emerging Tech Policy Leaders! Charles Koch Institute

The Misguided Antitrust Attack on Big Tech WSJ. Exactly what you would expect Phil Gramm and J>erry Ellig to say.


Democrats Ignore US Military’s Refutation Of ‘Russian Bounties’ Story Caitlin Johnstone


Nine Former Police Officers Call Delhi Riots Investigation ‘Flawed’ The Wire

Hindi is not a language of knowledge anymore. Mediocrity has stifled its soul The Print

Reading the Evolution of Censorship and Sedition in India The Wire


US issues restrictions on import of Xinjiang cotton and apparel products, citing forced labour SCMP

Trump Transition

Why Trump Has Been Good For Europe American Conservative

The People v. Donald J. Trump Such wishful pearl clutching! Today’s amusement.

In defiance of Nevada governor, Trump holds indoor rally AP

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