“I’ve Studied Pathological Liars, and ……”

This woman has made the study of pathological liars her life’s work.  I haven’t, and you probably haven’t either.  But doesn’t this ring true?

We tend to wonder how it’s possible that one man, who just happens to be the most powerful person on Earth, is capable of telling more than 22,000 lies in less than four years in office.  The reason we wonder about this is that lying is abhorrent to our basic nature.

Everyone lies, but most of us are extremely cognizant of what we’re doing at the time, and wish the circumstances were otherwise and we could just tell the truth.  Trump, on the other hand, has no relationship to the truth whatsoever, and simply says what makes him look best at the time.

There are so many horrific elements of the Trump presidency, but it’s possible the the greatest single tragedy is that 40% of Americans either are blind to Trump’s character as a liar and a criminal, or, more likely, simply don’t care.