Invading American Cities–It’s Never What You Expect

I know I’m not alone in expecting that Trump would try to start a war with another country, as a ploy to gain re-election by making intense and unadulterated chaos rain down on the world.  But did it ever occur to anyone that he’d invade our own cities?

There are several unique things about Trump’s tactics to achieve absolute power, vis-a-vis the 44 presidents who came before him.  They’re often blatantly unconstitutional, they’re unpredictable, and they are delivered on a near-daily basis.

It strikes me, however, that none of these can possibly bring him victory in this case.  Yes, he has a support base in the high 30 percents, but it’s dwindling as it’s running directly into the teeth of the majority of Americans who have strong opposing opinions on key matters.  Almost 19 out of 20 (94%), support police reform, and the peoples’ right to protest peacefully.  The governors of states and the mayors of our largest cities are refusing to allow Trump administration’s private stormtroopers to enter, and are threatening to have them arrested if they do.

Are we going to have the military fighting law enforcement with guns and tanks? Americans are going to find this appealing?  No, the rejection of these tactics is almost completely universal.

Trump will have to try something else.  What will it be?  No idea, other than to say that it won’t be what you’d expect.