If Biden Wins, Bloodshed?

As we near the election, we see Biden’s lead in the polls continuing to grow, as Trump’s words and actions become increasingly erratic and frightening.  At the same time, we have the FBI statements to the effect that the voting process is extremely secure.  Yet we also see warnings like the one at the left.  What gives?

Given the tensions all over the country, it does seem that a miracle will be required if this nation is to move through this process without a single drop of blood being spilled.  Even here at 2GreenEnergy “Headquarters” in Santa Ynez, a rural berg in the northern part of Santa Barbara County, California, we’ll be exercising caution, as there are Trump signs all over this town, already well known for its high rates of gun ownership, cowboys, and pick-up trucks.

Yet we need to keep in mind what we are dealing with here, at a 50,000-foot level.

One the one hand, we have some fat white guys in armed militias, saying, “Come on!  We’re taking over Washington.”

On the other, we have 2.4 million members of law enforcement and active-duty military, whose weaponry looks like that shown at right, responding with words like, “The f*** you are.”