How Extra-Terrestrials May Regard Humankind

Sorry for the obscene language here, but this made me smile.

Why has our search for extra-terrestrials been so unsuccessful?  Some speculate that great civilizations know we’re here, but have no more interest in us than we have in a small maggot colony deep in some forest.

Maybe it’s not that we’re uninteresting, but they actually find us repulsive.  Perhaps they say to one another, “Not only are their people so selfish as to destroy their own home, but check this out: the very highest form of life, ‘man,’ I think it’s called, is the only species on the entire planet that kills its own kind. And they do it with great relish, under the very slightest provocation.  In some cases, they like to cause their fellow man as much agony as possible in the process. That’s a good part of the galaxy to avoid.”