Has America Lost What It Treasured Most?

The animus circling around removing Trump while we still have a democracy here is all around us, but what lies at the core?

It’s that, with all it’s faults, the United States has been a pretty decent place to live, until 2017 rolled around.  Most of us were fairly happy; life was good.  Sure, we had stupid presidents and an occasional crook, but until now, no one was trying to turn the country into an authoritarian regime. 

What do the people in some of the most oppressive counties of the world, places like Syria, North Korea, China, Iran, or Belarus (photo above) think about their country?  It’s possible that they believe they live in free and morally good nations, simply because they don’t any better and there is no way for them to find out.

What’s so disgusting about what’s happening in the U.S. right now is this: We had it.  And it’s possible we let it slip though our fingers.