Glenn Beck: If You Have a Degree in Journalism, “You’re an Enemy of Mankind”

From this article (includes video):

On his show this Wednesday, Glenn Beck railed against journalists, saying that they’re inherently untrustworthy.  “If you have a degree from any school of journalism, I don’t trust you. You have lied over, and over, and over, and over again. You are pointing everyone’s direction in the wrong direction.”  Beck then echoed President Trump’s critiques of the media, saying, “You are an enemy to mankind.”

So here we are folks.  The United States is nearing an election that could result in four more years of immersion in pure and constant misinformation.

What will be the state of the average American’s consciousness if Trump is allowed to cement into place the notion that all news critical of him is fake?  That he’s the only source of truth?

To call this “terrifying” doesn’t come close to describing what this could actually be like, because it’s possible that there would be no path back to where we were as recently as five years ago.  The United States had grievous faults, but that was a day in which, generally, truth mattered, science was trusted, and rule of law dominated our justice system.

All of that could be gone, perhaps never to return.