GC Rieber Shipping Nets W2W Gig in Offshore Wind Sector

OE Staff

October 28, 2020

Credit: GC Rieber Shipping

Credit: GC Rieber Shipping

Norwegian offshore vessel owner GC Rieber Shipping has won a short-term charter for its Polar Queen walk-to-work vessel.

GC Rieber Shipping said Wednesday the contract for the vessel was with a  “Tier 1 client in Europe for work in an offshore wind park.”

The Polar Queen will begin the new contract in mid-November. 

GC Rieber Shipping did not share further details on the terms of the contract.

The Polar Queen, built in Spain in 2011, is fitted with a 150-ton offshore AHC crane, accommodation for 119 persons, and has 960 sqm deck space.  

As for its walk-to-work (W2W) capabilities, the vessel is equipped with an Uptime 23.5 AMC motion compensated gangway, cargo elevator, and boat landing to serve crew transfer vessels (CTVs).