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By Eileen Ashmore

There are well over 130! innovation funding programs available for Alberta technology driven businesses that provide support for R&D, prototype development, testing, field/commercial demonstration, market launch, commercialization, export and all. And, there are an additional 30+ employment and training grants and subsidies.

Many technology driven businesses are not aware of the depth or breadth of the innovation funding landscape and are completely mystified by where to start and very often do not have the time, energy or resources to research these funding programs or prepare funding submissions.

Although there are websites that assist businesses learn about innovation funding, researching these sites can be a tedious and time consuming task that turns up a lot of information but not enough specific funding information as per a company’s requirements. Without developing a comprehensive understanding of the depth and breadth of the innovation funding landscape, a company will miss learning about the funding options available.

There’s an easier way to learn about innovation funding!  Here’s 3 steps that will quickly and effectively introduce your company to Canada’s innovation funding landscape – and most importantly the funding programs that are available to move forward your R&D, prototype development, testing, demonstration and commercial launch projects.

Step 1:  Orientation to the Innovation Funding Landscape

To quickly orient your company to the funding landscape, the Overview of the 130! Provincial & Federal Innovation Funding Programs is a subscription that in 25+ pages provides brief descriptions of all of the 130 funding programs enabling your company to become quickly acclimated to the innovation funding landscape.

Step 2: Grant Strategy & Grant Timeline Development

Next is to map out the funding programs that fit your project requirements along with when to apply for each funding program. Mapping out the funding opportunities will ensure your company is aware of all of the funding opportunities available for leveraging your project costs.

Step 3:  Submission Preparation with Strong Positioning Themes

With your Grant Strategy and Grant Timeline guiding your decisions, the next step is preparing each funding submission along with all of the supporting documents. But to be competitive, we can’t stop until we’ve inserted strong positioning themes to ensure for an impactful submission.

Miss one step and miss out on funding opportunities.  To find out more, call today for a 15 to 20 minute courtesy consultation at (403) 252-0799 or email to set up a time for the consultation.

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Eileen Ashmore, MBA, CMC Management Consultant – Technology Funding Specialist – Assisting Technology Driven Businesses Grow Revenues, and, Secure Innovation Funding Grants

Strategic Timelines works with your company to assist your Team learn about innovation funding, and, prepare funding submissions with compelling positioning strategies to significantly increase your company’s opportunity for securing funding, financing and/or investment. Call today for insight and strategies. 403 252 0799 or email

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