Feature: FlareTech, the industry experts at developing and delivering high quality flaring and combustion systems at competitive prices

FlareTech Flare - Guidon Energy - Texas USA

FlareTech Air-Assisted, Guyed Flare

FlareTech is an international provider of custom, turnkey flaring and combustion systems for almost every application. With over 30 years of industry experience, FlareTech’s staff are experts at developing and delivering high quality, innovative, efficient products at competitive prices.

FlareTech’s main product offerings include:

  • Utility flares
  • Air-assisted and gas-assisted smokeless flares
  • High efficiency incinerators and combustors
  • Pilot monitoring and ignition systems
  • Retractable pilots and ignitors
  • Integral knockout drums
  • Detonation and deflagration arrestors

FlareTech Air-Assist Tip

The company’s variety of combustion systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house to meet each client’s specific requirements. Each system is designed to the highest standards and regulations to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize emissions. All our equipment is subjected to rigorous design and testing to optimize reliability and life expectancy under the harshest operating conditions.

Using proprietary design methods and software, we can design and manufacture flare systems that our competitors claim are not possible. We incorporate innovative designs for flare internals, ignition systems, and flame arrestors to ensure our products achieve superior performance while maximizing safety and lowering overall costs. Our design and manufacturing team is fully capable of retrofitting existing systems with our advanced technologies to achieve clients’ performance expectations.

The same qualified professionals that build and test FlareTech’s equipment also provide on-site and remote support for a full range of installation and commissioning services. We coordinate with clients to implement regular maintenance schedules to catch small problems early, preventing potentially costly breakdowns.

Our maintenance and servicing team utilizes the latest UAV technology to provide comprehensive visual inspections of any flare system. Compared to conventional equipment inspections, UAV inspections can be performed while the flare is still live. This allows for more frequent inspections at significantly lower cost while mitigating a plant’s shut down duration.

FlareTech Flare Tip

FlareTech Flare Tip

FlareTech’s state-of-the-art 20,000 ft2 manufacturing facility is located in Stettler, Alberta. Eight fully equipped welding bays with five high-capacity overhead cranes enable us to tackle jobs of any size. All plasma cutting, brake bending, pipe cutting, and welding are performed in-house to maintain compliance with our renowned Quality Management System.

FlareTech also has an office in Calgary, Alberta to help facilitate our engineering design and business development services. We have established long-term, successful relationships with high profile domestic companies such as Pembina, CNRL, Ovintiv (Encana), Keyera, and AltaGas as well as international clients including Gulf Keystone, Guidon Energy, Repsol, and Petronas.

At FlareTech, we maintain health and safety as our top priority through rigorous training and selection of our personnel. Our manufacturing facility is fully certified to CWB, ABSA, ISO 9001, ACSA and COR requirements, and our design team is licensed to provide professional engineering services for various jurisdictions. We are committed to building trust with our clients, supporting them through the entire life cycle of our equipment.

Please feel free to contact us at (403) 742-2212 or info@flaretechinc.com to discuss your flaring and combustion system needs.


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