Fast, safe and reliable COe /O2 gas analysis in ATEX Zone 20

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Smoldering fires in silos and coal bunkers may be difficult to detect and extremely dangerous. Reliably and immediately recognizing a smoldering fire can save company assets from destruction and even save lives.

Leave nothing to chance: SILOTEC 8000®

SILOTEC 8000, a self-monitoring analytical system for gas analysis in Zone 20

  • continuously measures the indicators O2 and COe simultaneously
  • reacts quickly to even the smallest changes in the gas composition
  • can accurately trigger and monitor the inertisation of the silo

The system is completely maintenance-free and designed for an uncomplicated mounting on silo roofs. The monitoring and control unit is easily accessible at ground level and it additionally has interfaces for the integration into the central control room.

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For more information on Westech Industrial’s ENOTEC product line please visit our website at or call and speak to one of our technical representatives at 1-800-912-9262.

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