Environmental Terrorism

The American Energy Society reports the following recent cases of terrorism associated with the oil industry’s infrastructure:

• Syria. The Arab Gas Pipeline between the Syrian towns of Ad Dumayr and Adra exploded, and the attack has been attributed “almost certainly” to ISIS.

• Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco is preparing for another attack on its oil production facilities by Houthi rebels, especially within 50 miles of the border of Yemen.

• Mozambique. A terrorist organization probably aligned with the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks in the supergiant Rovuma Basin, a 180 trillion cubic feet natural gas reserve (or, 29 billion barrels of oil) offshore of Mozambique. (Editor’s note: the identity of the terrorists responsible for the attacks have not been confirmed, but locals call them al-Shabaab or al Sunna wa Jummah.)

There is so much environmental damage inflicted knowing and deliberately by the oil industry that we sometimes overlook what takes place at the hands of people even more evil than the fossil fuel boys themselves.  It’s time to replace all this with clean energy resources.