Dealing with the Pandemic Rationally

An apparently angry reader says: “PROMOTE THIS!!”

I believe we can fulfill everyone’s objectives simultaneously, if we all acknowledge certain truths here:

Yes, there is a 1.5% fatality rate, though many will suffer horribly, and a great number will live with damaged organs for the rest of their lives.

Fear is never a good reaction to a situation we can’t avoid; we need to promote rationality.  This means taking precautions such that we don’t carelessly or selfishly make one another extremely sick.

In dangerous situations that have scientific phenomena at the core (diseases, climate change, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, etc.). it’s best to take direction from those who understand the science, rather than, say, incendiary talk show hosts or those with political agendas.

Everyone want to see fast economic recovery, but at this point it’s clear the only way to achieve this is heeding the advice of those whose life’s work is dealing with pandemics.