COVID-19 and the Economy

Should decisions be made about re-opening the U.S. economy be made purely based on epidemiology?

Of course not.  Sure, if you make a policy suggestion to the epidemiological community, you will get in return, with at maximum of precision possible, the most likely outcomes in terms of the short-, medium-, and long-term health of the population, given the realities of things like testing facilities, the number of ICU bed-spaces, the probability of a vaccine in a certain time horizon, etc. 

But there are serious side effects to lockdowns that need to be calculated by economists and social psychologists.

When my mom asked me what I think should happen, I told her: If I had the power, I’d put the health-related data together with the human impacts of lockdown and try to come up with a solution that maximizes the country’s overall wellness and happiness in the long-term.

Does this mean I would ignore all the uninformed voices calling for and end to pandemic response and mask requirements?  Yes, it means that exactly.   I would require that the governors of each state make policy decisions that are informed by this data set; I wouldn’t have jackasses like Florida’s Ron DeSantis opening all bars and restaurants with no social-distancing guidelines, with COVID cases spiking through the roof.