Could This Be the Safest, Most Powerful Wind Turbine in the World?

Here’s a short video on a new wind turbine concept.  A breakthrough?

Ahhh…  This is bulls***, for three main reasons.

a) Wind power is a function of the area of the turbine.  Tiny turbines necessarily generate tiny amounts of power.

b) Wind power is also a function of the cube of the wind velocity, which suffers greatly at elevations near the ground where the currents are obstructed by trees and buildings.

c) Most importantly, the claim that the wind can be sped up (like putting one’s thumb partially over the end of a hose increases the speed of the water) is incorrect.  That’s because the water in a hose can only exit through the nozzle, but fluid (air or water) in the open tends to flow around an obstruction, not through it.