Cops Manhandling Women Is a Terrible Idea

It’s easy to see how a fracas likes this starts (see video below). A woman is being roughed up by a cop, and a guy, infuriated beyond his control, body-checks the cop into the next zip code.

When my son was about 10, he got into a fight at school, for which I grounded him….until one of the teachers called me that evening and said, “I understand you’re punishing Jake (my son), and I would never question your judgement. I just wanted you to know the circumstances. The other kid pushed a girl to the ground, and within a fraction of a second he had Jake’s fist in his teeth.”

I don’t encourage fighting, but I released Jake immediately and patted him on the back.

Imagine a man in uniform so cowardly that he cannot handle a lady without knocking the shit out of her.

Posted by Chris de Vries on Monday, July 27, 2020