Climate Advocate Greta Thunberg Takes on Lakota Name

Today at Standing Rock, Greta Thunberg received a Lakota name: “Woman who comes from the Heavens.”

I wanted to post this, partially just because of that look of sheer awe on her face.

Also, obviously, it’s an opportunity to make an important point: We all make a difference.

Insofar as Fox News needs to invent a reason that any environmentalist is stupid, wrong, misguided, etc., they said that Greta is just an angry kid who doesn’t have any scientific training.  The funny part about this is that they’re right, and Greta would be the first to admit it.  She’s angry that the generations ahead of hers are deliberately leaving behind a dying planet, where they could have been listening to the world’s climate scientists and heeding their instructions as to how to stop this environmental collapse before it’s too late.

Just look at what she’s accomplished: She’s transformed tens of millions of people all over the world who would have been either uninformed or apathetic vis-a-vis climate change, into people demanding action.  In a way she’s done what I’m doing, only on a scale at least a thousand times larger.

Guess whom she’s endorsing for U.S. president?