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Innovative emissions reduction technology addresses loading losses while reducing costs and increasing safety.

Roska DBO was approached by a company that was concerned that their truck loading activities could lead to non-compliance emissions. The AER stipulates that any off lease odours are unacceptable. This presents a challenge for energy companies as the current commercial
technologies available for eliminating the emissions generated by truck loading (also known as loading losses) cannot guarantee compliance. Chemical scrubbing is costly, provides no indication when the chemical is spent, and does not address the emissions issue. Pressure loading increases the number of trucks on roadways and leads to relief venting and odour issues as volatile product is transported down the road.

This was a great opportunity for Roska DBO to deploy our patent pending Clean AirTM technology. Clean AirTM solves these problems by conditioning the load lines and the tank truck until vapours can be safely diverted to a flare stack or vapour recovery unit. Chemical consumption is reduced drastically, trucks can be loaded to capacity, and gas and odours on the job site and roadways are eliminated.

With Clean AirTM running, the client has guaranteed compliance and didn’t receive a single odour complaint from landowners in the area. The original scope of the project planned for the client to achieve 12 loads a day, however, the equipment exceeded expectations and the client was able to produce up to 24 loads a day.

Filling trucks to capacity also meant that the client was able to save a great deal on transportation. With pressure loading, the client would have needed a total of 700 truckloads to complete one flowback. Using Clean AirTM reduced this number by 300 truckloads – saving the client $360,000.

“I have never felt safer loading product on my truck.”

Equipment Provided

  • Clean AirTM Unit
  • 50kW Generator
  • 24 Hour Operator Support

Using Clean Air™ reduced transportation costs by 45%.

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