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Body worn cameras are increasingly recognised as being a valuable complement to traditional surveillance, offering a perspective that is comparable to the wearer’s own and, in that, providing video and audio useful in a number of scenarios. There is a myriad of benefits to implementing body worn cameras across a range of industries – from law enforcement and private security, to healthcare and transportation. So where is the value of body worn cameras providing evidence in critical situations and what are the additional benefits this solution can bring to critical sites and your teams on-site? We delve into this and more.

How can body worn solutions be used in critical infrastructure?

These dependable devices offer up to 17 hours of battery life and provide the best in class in cybersecurity standards. In a world where remote access is needed more than ever and resources have been limited, wearable technology offers a sense relief and accountability for those in work environments that are always on the go. Whether you are doing a site-walk through a location or you are driving to your next scene, wearable technology can add value in the form reference or back-up when you are going into situations by yourself.

What are the benefits of using wearable technology?

BWCs have strong potential to benefit sites from a process improvement standpoint, educational / training stance while acting as a deterrent for intruders or trouble-makers who are putting security personnel in uncomfortable situations. Not only are BWs great for capturing events you and your teams can learn from but they also help assess situations from a litigation standpoint or an employee engagement standpoint.

How can I learn more?

Meet the new Axis body worn solution and see how easy we’ve made it to bring the advantages of a body worn camera to a VMS. For a limited time, Axis is offering complimentary instructor-led training. Sign-up today to secure your spot.

If you are looking for other solutions for your critical site like video or audio analytics, intrusion protection, perimeter, access control or more  download our complimentary eBook.

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