Biden Lead Surges

A reader notes: Excellent News. Pathological liar Trump has already killed 210k Americans. Prison time.

Yes, this is good news.  Keep in mind what’s happening in swing states, some of which are still on the fence, but this is going the right way, to be sure.

I think elements of his base are caving to the insanity: the lunacy on display at the debate, and now the virus whipping through the ranks of the Republican anti-maskers.  The country hasn’t been so chaotic since the Civil War.

Re: your quip “prison time,” this will require that Trump underestimate what’s left of rule of law in the United States, which is quite possible  Experience has shown him that he’s capable of twisting the justice arm of government to his whim, and he may think that this abuse will continue to work after he’s no longer president.