Biden–He Won’t Tear-Gas Your Mother

A reader posted this and adds, “Imagine seeing this just six months ago.”

That’s an astute remark if there ever were one, and it’s illustrative of how fast a situation can decay in a country led by a man with no interest in anything but his own re-election.

The pandemic is both a health and economic megacrisis; as many as 11 million households, 28 million people, 8.5% of the U.S. population, could be evicted from their houses and apartments into homelessness over the next four months.  Since most Americans can see that this was ultimately caused by Trump’s failure to tell the truth and take the kind of prompt action we saw in countries that handled it successfully, his poll numbers are tanking.

That means he needed a new crisis to supersede and distract attention from the old one. Everyone expected him to attack another nation, but that would’t get the kind of attention that attacking one’s own country would deliver.