America, Set Your Clocks Back

I’d say it’s more like 60 years.  It’s a regression to a pure patriarchal society, one before the rights of women, LBGTQs, and people of color began to emerge.  It’s what those on the right wing mean when they call themselves “conservatives”; they are desperate to conserve that period in which our country was defined by gross levels of injustice for everyone except white Christian males.

Making matters far worse is the fact that pulling the United States back to the year 1960 is a great deal more complicated that it may initially sound.  That’s because the world is not remotely in the same place as it it was then.  The planet’s population was about one-third what it is now, and did not feature many of the ailments that need to be be controlled by government.

Consider: climate change, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, diseases associated with fossil fuel consumption, viral and bacterial pandemics, nuclear proliferation into rogue nations, a recurrence of the Nazis and the growth of the KKK and other white supremacist groups, massive denial of science, massive opioid addictions, toxic chemical dumping, the erosion of rule of law, right-wing populism, failed states, social media by which enormous disinformation campaigns can be waged, a cable news network channel that serves up extremist right-wing propaganda to 5 million viewers nightly, a U.S. congress that is largely owned by corporate interests, and an education system that is sinking to new lows on an annual bass.

The next few months will prove pivotal in U.S. history, and, to a lesser degree world history as a whole.  Humankind’s greatest and longest-running experiment with self-governance will either survive.  Or it won’t.