America Is Splitting in Two

Thus far, the 21st Century is defined by the dividing-into-halves things that at one time were far more homogeneous.

• Many Christians follow the teachings of Jesus, while there are others, who also identify as Christians, who couldn’t be less Christ-like, promoting war, hatred, and cutting masses of people off from food, shelter and healthcare.

• The vast majority of the wealth created in the United States since 1980 has gone to the top 1%.  The 400 richest Americans — the top 0.00012 percent of the population — have tripled their share of the nation’s wealth since the early 1980s.

• Athletes are faster and stronger than ever, but the obesity rate in America continues to rise (see graph).

• America’s top colleges and universities are turning out better educated young people than ever before, but a growing number of Americans believe that the pandemic and climate change are hoaxes, and that the deep state is functioning to illegally remove a perfectly honest and selfless president.

• With respect to truth, almost half of Americans won’t accept the fact (or don’t care) that the president is a pathological liar.  A news channel creates a reality for its viewers that has virtually no relationship with the actual world around us.

• In the same few years, we’ve created both the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Proud Boys (along with a dozen other hate groups).

Needed: reason, sanity, detente.