America: Be Prepared

We all have our ways of expressing what an abject disaster 2020 has been; I happen to admire whomever decorated this road sign to make his point.

In truth, of course, it’s possible that 2021 will be even worse.  In particular, the damage that Donald Trump has done to the United States in his first term will pale in comparison to what we can expect if we’re stupid and greedy enough to hand him a second term, one in which the Supreme Court has been packed with conservatives, the senate remains committed to its subservience, the “justice department” functions as his personal law firm, and the country’s response to the pandemic remains in disarray.

From an environmental perspective, a second term for Trump will cement into place the vast damage that has been done to our regulatory apparatus in which the EPA has been eviscerated and more than 100 environmental laws have been relaxed or removed altogether.